A farm rooted in sustainability 

Avella Farm is an off grid farm rooted in ancient indigenous agricultural practices producing high quality organic vegetables and medicinal herbs.  We started growing in 2005 and have since established a sustainable connection with our 14 acres.  Outside of selling our products, we also have a strong focus in seed saving and making all our own compost. We believe an integrated balance between high quality medicinal herbs and vegetables is the true sustenance of life. 

Our Mission 

We truly defend the notion that organic agriculture holds the key to rejuvenation of our planet.  We are doing our part to counterbalance the monstrosities of multinational agrochemical companies that continue to dominate, misinform, and poison our ecosystems and communities. 

Our Vision

Community is a huge part of incorporating our motives into reality, for without farm help and conscious consumers we would not be able to provide sustainable nutrition.  We welcome interns, farm visits, and farm stays (VRBO) to provide a learning platform for all ages.  Together we can make positive outcomes by being the change we all want to see in the world.  Thanks for stopping by. 

For inquires on job openings, internships,  speaking events or publishing articles from our blog please contact us at:  travis@avellafarm.com